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A Cloud Server is a Virtual Machine (VM) that is hosted in a shared pool of computing resources. Cloud Servers are similar to VPS's however they exist on a pool of shared server resources and are isolated from failure of individual hardware nodes. The new-age Cloud Servers, powered by Rightmove are customer inspired. Our cloud hosting platform offers a never-before level of automatic healing technologies that boost your enterprise grade virtualisation every time a new application is uploaded. In addition to this, your data is stored securely on the enterprise network attached storage device which is looked after by the latest RAID technologies in a 24/7 environment.

The hypervisors that act as the host of the servers are connected to the centralized network storage by means of high speed links to ensure high performance for I/O operations and avoid any bottlenecks. In addition to this, all the servers are self-managed, implying Rightmove only handles the server's hardware and network related issues, leaving the sensitive aspects of it to be managed by the client, ensuring a complete confidentiality.

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